The Ultimate Collection Of Origami books and Tutorials on DVD. Contains More Than 60 Ebooks And Over 500 Origami Instructional Pictures.

By: Mystic Magus (editor)

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The Ultimate Collection Of Origami books and Tutorials on DVD Media

Collection Contains More Than 60 Ebooks And Over 500 Origami Instructional Pictures. Really A Great Collection For An Origami Enthusiast.

Most of the files are in PDFs, Gifs, Jpgs, but there are a few Djvu, mht, and html files.

All Files in varying degree of quality, Most are great! All at least readable. Scanned from Original books and may contain various marks and imperfections.

The Image of the Disc and DVD Case in the listing is the one you will receive New and in Shrinkwrap.

The other images are examples of the files on the disc.

All kinds of Origami in this collection! Too many to list individually, but it includes:

Step by step instructional diagrams from a variety of authors on simple to advanced origami projects.

Tutorials and Folds for the very beginner to the advanced artist. Everyone will find some fun stuff in this collection! Enough to keep you busy for Years!

These books and Tutorials are in various languages, Mostly English and Japanese, usually not a problem for following the diagrams as the symbols for folding are international.

There’s Math / Geometry Folds, Animals, Alphabets, Religion, Mythical Creatures, Unicorns, Dragons, Dinosaurs, Holidays, Flowers, Planes And Flying Things, Boxes, Bows, Clothes, Foods, Furniture, Numbers, Nature, Newspaper, SeaCreatures, Tanabata, Reptiles, Pretty much anything you can think of.

Even Folding Money / Dollar bills Origami Guides to making various origami creations using dollar bills, including origami Boots, Bow Tie, Butterfly, Eyeglasses, Fan, Gift Box, Picture Frame, Ring, Sailboat, Serpent, Shirt, Spider, Tree, Valentine and more.

The only thing you’ll need is paper, energy and time!


Anne Akers Johnson The Buck Book All Sorts Of Things To Do With A Dollar Bill.Pdf
Origami With Dollar Bills Another Way To Impress People With Your Money.Pdf
Wings Things Origami That Flies.Pdf
[Simon Arnstein Gurkewitz] Modular Origami Polyhedra.Pdf
Maekawa Viva Origami.Pdf
Ousa Origami Usa Convencion 2005.Pdf
3d Origami.Djvu
3d Geometric Origami.Pdf
Advanced Paper Aircraft Construction.Pdf
Advanced Paper Aircraft 2.Pdf
Advanced Paper Aircraft Construction Volume 3 .pdf
Complete Origami.Pdf
Decoration Origami1.Pdf
Esseltinefinny Freestyle Flier.Pdf
Esseltinewrong Way.Pdf
Fold Real Money.Pdf
Fuse Tomoko Fabulous Origami Boxes En .pdf
Fuse Tomoko Home Decoration With Origami En .pdf
Fuse Tomoko Origami Boxes En .pdf
How To Make Origami Airplanes That Fly.Pdf
Jeremy Shafer Origami To Astonish And Amuse.Pdf
Kasahara Kunihiko Extreme Origami En .pdf
Kasahara Kunihiko Origami Made Easy En .pdf
Kasahara Kunihiko Origami Omnibus Paper Folding For Everybody En .pdf
Kawasaki Origami Dream World.Pdf
Kusudama Ball Origamiyamaguchi.Pdf
Le Panier Fleuri.Pdf
Montroll Animal Origami For Enthusiast.Pdf
Origami Christmas Toshie Takahama.Pdf
Origami Complete Course Paul Jackson.Djvu
Origami In Actionlang.Pdf
Origami Jay Ansill Mythological Beings.Pdf
Origamibook Bugs And Birds In Origami By John Montroll, 112 Pages, English.Pdf
Origamibook Origami Step By Step By Robert Harbin, 60 Pages, English.Pdf
Origamibook Teach Yourself Origami By John Montroll, 122 Pages, English.Pdf
Origamibook Wild Animals World By Fumiaki Kawahata, 70 Pages, Japanese.Pdf
Paper Engineering Popups.Pdf
Polyhedron Origami For Beginners Miyuki Kawamura.Pdf
Project Origami.Pdf
Tomoko Fuse Spirals 1 Origami.Pdf

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Title: The Ultimate Collection Of Origami books and Tutorials on DVD. Contains More Than 60 Ebooks And Over 500 Origami Instructional Pictures.

Author Name: Mystic Magus (editor)

Categories: Games and Crafts, EBOOKS, Arts and Crafts,

Publisher: Sedona, AZ, Mystic Magus: 2018

Binding: Digital Electronic Books

Book Condition: New

Jacket Condition: New in Shrinkwrap

Type: E-Books on DVD

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